June’s Got The Cash – a Johnny Cash Tribute Show!

April 27th!

$19 & $22 for tickets

2-hour show with a 15 minute intermission.

Tickets can be purchased online, at the bar or by calling 217-391-5653.

Show starts a 9:00 PM

June’s Got The Cash – A Johnny Cash Tribute Show!

June’s Got the Cash was formed by June Carter lead vocalist Jenna Miller in 2008. Ever since the movie “Walk the Line” came out she new she had to make this dream of hers a reality. Her vision was a “show band” but not just ANY show band…. A tribute to Johnny and June. Nearly 4 years later the band as seen nothing but success. ” I had no experience in running a band in fact I made a million mistakes. All I had to do was believe in me and believe this was going to happen. Sold out theaters, performances for our US Soldiers & Captains, touring the Midwest… I couldn’t ask for anything more. My life is amazing! It’s an honor to play the lovely and talented June Carter Cash!” Back in 1999 Jenna debuted her first hit single “Love You More” with LMP Records. Jenna’s huckleberry humor and sweet songbird voice really come to life when singing with onstage hubby (Gene Hartman). Gene Hartman is The Man In Black. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee now residing in Crystal Lake, Illinois; Gene lives the music of Johnny Cash and puts passion into every song he sings . Gene has been in previous country bands prior to JGTC and has a baritone voice like no other. “Close your eyes and just listen… Gene will tell you a story, take your breathe away, bring a tear to your eye and make you believe in God all in one song,” says onstage wife (Jenna Miller). Gene participates in the song writing community and his influences include Waylon, Hank JR and the outlaw movement. Gene loves the history, love, laughter and magic the show brings to their audiences. Jenna uses a shure SM-58 microphone and a wireless shure. Gene uses a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe rhythm guitar, fender-acoustasonic amp, shure SM-58 microphone.