Nat Baimel!

Nat Baimel!

Regular Price Show

January 18th & 19th

Showtimes 7:30 & 9:30

Nate Baimel!

Nat Baimel has been described as “witty,” “wacky,” and “weird.” He has also been described in non-alliterative terms such as “refreshing,” “unique,” and “hilarious in an awkward, unorthodox sort of way.” Armed with a positive outlook and a boyish charm somewhat disturbing for a person his age, Nat immediately wins over audiences with his child-like likability, and then blindsides them with his hysterical punchlines, quips, assertions, ideas, observations, asides, gestures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and street cred.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIyoVZ2kylQ]
Nat’s distinctive “against the grain” approach to comedy has won over the hearts and minds of audiences from Miami to Los Angeles, and has bested the bladder control of an elderly carrot farmer in Belgrade, Montana. Nat consistently performs all over the country in prestigious clubs, colleges, theatres, festivals, competitions, bars, bowling alleys and pizza parlors… bars, bowling alleys, and pizza parlors can totally be prestigious.

Nat likes to start paragraphs with the word “Nat.” He also likes to talk about holiday mascots, pharaohs, and childhood heartbreak — and that’s all just one joke. A change of pace from traditional, run-of-the-mill comedians, Nat Baimel’s act is an unpredictable, winding road that keeps audiences laughing and guessing what will happen next.

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