Scotty K!

Scotty K!

December 13th and 14th!

Showtimes 7:30 & 9:30

Comedian Scotty K!

Comedian Scotty K is a New York-born, and Southern-raised, son of a Baptist preacher. By the time Scotty was fifteen years old, he had already lived in six states and attended eight schools. After graduating from college with degrees in counseling and psychology, Scotty spent several years counseling troubled teens. What he found was that most of the kids were actually quite normal, at least when compared with his own childhood and ADHD diagnosis. Recognizing he had a rather unique outlook on life, Scotty left his counseling position and hit the comedy stage. At the time, his family and friends thought he was crazy; but with the great success he has had headlining clubs on the national comedy circuit, Scotty has proven his intuitions correct.

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