Season Tickets Available Now!
Season Tickets Available Now!
Season Tickets Available Now!
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month!
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month!
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month!
Get a room, 2 comedy tickets, drinks & food – $120.99!!!
Get a room, 2 comedy tickets, drinks & food – $120.99!!!
Get a room, 2 comedy tickets, drinks & food – $120.99!!!
April 24th & 25th:  Comedian James Johann!

April 24th & 25th!


Friday 8:00 PM

Saturday 7:30 & 9:30 PM

Comedian James Johann!

Comedian James Johann is now among one of the most popular acts touring the nation today. With a hometown charm and a deliciously quick wit, James has been a long-time staple of the Midwest comedy circuit. From Chicago to Houston, Erie to El Paso James’ small town upbringing makes him a familiar favorite in the heartland of the country. However, James is just as comfortable playing the biggest stages and events up and down either coast and has made several appearances on national television and radio shows. James’ “Rural Genius” persona is gaining popularity daily as more and more fans find that they can relate to his self-deprecating style of homespun horse sense.

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April 18th:  Chris Speyrer!

April 18th!


Saturday 7:30 & 9:30 PM


Chris Speyrer!



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April 10th & 11th:  Comedian Dale Jones!

April 10th & 11th!


8:00 PM Friday

7:30 & 9:30 PM Saturday


Dale Jones!


Since 1993 Dale Jones has been perfecting his craft and has become one of the funniest and most energetic comics in the country. He has entertained audiences and our troops throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. His zany on-stage character always sends club patrons to the exits with lots of questions but no disappointments.

In addition to his training at the world renowned Second City Dale has had numerous television appearances including TBS – The Very Funny Show, NBC – Last Comic Standing Season Six, Fox – 30 seconds to Fame and The Comedy Network in Canada. If you don’t blink you might see him in the 2003 MGM movie “Out Of Time” with Denzel Washington. He has also been on 2 nationally syndicated radio shows, THE BOB AND TOM SHOW and The BOB AND SHERI SHOW. He was one of 8 finalists in “The Great Canadian Laugh Off and he was invited to perform at THE BOSTON COMEDY FESTIVAL and THE TBS “JUST FOR LAUGHS” FESTIVAL.



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April 3 & 4: Dr. Gonzo!

April 3rd & 4th


8:00 PM Friday

7:30 PM & 9:30 PM Saturday

Dr. Gonzo!

Dr. Gonzo’s performances combined stand-up comedy and classic rock parodies. When he wasn’t touring with top music acts, he headlined major comedy clubs across America. Now he’s back!

Toured coast to coast with…

Huey Lewis and the News                      Starship

Night Ranger                                           Joe Walsh

Television & Radio

Showtime                                                             MTV

Comedy Central                        Bob & Tom Radio

Entertainment Tonight                     Star Search

Every morning radio show coast to coast…


Dr. Gonzo-National Reviews

“Dr. Gonzo clicked well with his rock-oriented patter and parodies of well known tunes and performers.”


“Gonzo was perfect. A snaggle-toothed guitar player with a bagful of musical parodies, he gave the audience what it was familiar with and what it wanted.”

Tom Phalen…Seattle Journal

“The audience made it quite clear that it found Gonzo’s style appealing. He ended with a sing-along nonsense song that had the crowd happily shouting gibberish at the top of its lungs.”

Jill Warren…Indianapolis Star

“Dr. Gonzo managed to make genuinely funny jokes about the rock world without being either contemptuous or corny.”

Ken Tucker…Philadelphia Inquirer